About this Project

Edison Center
Louisville, Ky.
Build Time
6 weeks
Build Type


The Edison is a beautiful historic building that was renovated to accommodate modern office spaces. The 75 year old freight elevator was inoperative for at least 10 years and was in a state of disrepair. The customer needed the freight elevator to run to help facilitate building renovations, but did not want to spend the money on a complete elevator overhaul. They wanted the future tenants to have a freight elevator, but it was not going to see heavy usage typical for manufacturing facilities.

Our Solution

Murphy Elevator ran all new wiring, new fixtures, repaired the cab, and made the freight doors code compliant. We were able to utilize the original controller, machine, and motor, which saved the customer over $75,000. A short build time made it possible for the customer to begin construction in a much shorter time frame compared to a complete freight elevator replacement.

For this application, a complete freight elevator modernization was not necessary, and now the building tenants enjoy the benefit of a freight elevator for hauling large items.

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