About this Project

Bloomington, Ind.


Wells Library elevators were approaching 40 years of age and were becoming unreliable. These elevators were from the era of AC to DC motor generators and were very energy inefficient. Serving 12 stories, these elevators are critical for building use. The new elevator finishes had to match the existing building stone finishes and noise had to be kept to a minimum so as to not disturb students in the library.

Our Solution

Murphy utilized the existing Otis gearless motors and retrofitted them to modern AC VVVF drives and modern microprocessor controller systems. These systems will not only be much more energy efficient when running, but will also dispatch traffic more efficiently in the 4 car elevator group. Noisy work was completed around the school’s schedule to limit disturbances. Some hall fixtures and lobby panel required hand cutting the stone to ensure no damage was done to the building and to create a perfect fit with the existing panels and light fixtures.

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