Did you know that elevators date all the way back to the pyramids? Elevators have long been used by people to safely ascend and descend up large buildings. However, there are many safety measures that you need to take when using these helpful machines.

Elevator safety is a critical factor that requires thorough inspections. These inspections typically lead to an elevator safety certification. That way, people using these machines can rest assured they’re using a safe elevator.

If you’re curious about the importance of elevator safety certifications, we’re here to help guide you. Read on to learn more about elevator safety and its many benefits.

Benefits of Elevator Safety Certification

Some companies are often tempted to skip out on elevator safety certifications. Third-party companies may charge per inspection, leading business owners to save money by cutting corners.

However, doing so can lead to immense safety risks and violations. Here are some of the main benefits of ensuring elevator safety.

Avoiding Malfunction

Elevators are complex machines. As such, they can sometimes experience malfunctions.

According to some claims, elevators can last up to 20-25 years. With proper upkeep, they can last a few years longer without much trouble.

But one of the main things that can keep them running is proper upkeep. If a machine is left unattended and without upkeep for years, its lifespan will gradually lower.

When an elevator malfunctions, lives can be at stake. While it’s extremely rare for an elevator to plummet, it’s a known issue that can cost lives.

You can often avoid such hazards with reasonable maintenance. Ensure you’re scheduling frequent elevator safety inspection appointments

Streamlining Operation

Another symptom of elevators aging is them becoming less efficient.

An elevator that needs maintenance may move slower. One reason for this could be gunk on its chords or guiding rail. The operating system may need cleaning, or there could be damage to its track.

Elevators may also use more electricity as they get older. Aging appliances tend to draw more power to run. While this is true for household appliances, it’s a general rule for all appliances, as newer models and improvements quickly make old ones obsolete.

Keeping your elevators properly inspected will help them run quickly and more efficiently. Due to the higher efficiency, customers will also have an easier time using them.

Staying Up to Code

Finally, all states and cities have codes that elevators need to follow. These guidelines ensure that elevators are functioning safely and effectively.

For example, Indiana has codes that relate to elevators and amusement park rides.

Failure to follow these codes can lead to hefty fines for the property owner. Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Illinois also have similar laws. In extreme cases, authorities may choose to shut down a building’s elevators until they can prove that they’re running safely.

Many codes are related to how frequently an elevator safety inspection can take place. Failure to follow these guidelines will also lead to fines and punishments.

The Process of Inspection

Now that we understand the criticality of elevator safety, how do inspections work?

An elevator safety inspection is usually scheduled. There are sometimes authorities that will handle the inspection themselves, depending on your location. Other areas may require a third-party group to handle inspection and maintenance.

At the Murphy Elevator Company, we’re happy to help you with any maintenance or inspection. We’re available at all hours of the day to service, repair, and inspect your machines. Our skilled technicians will repair any system, no matter what you require.

Investigating Control Panels

One of the first steps of an inspection is to examine the control panel.

The control panels are the areas where the elevator’s controls are. The buttons that decide what floor you’re going to, control the doors, and call for help are on this panel.

If this panel malfunctions, the elevator may receive inaccurate commands. Riders could find themselves stranded if the elevator’s communication systems aren’t working.

We’ll test the phone and make sure it connects with the emergency authorities. We’ll also look into the smoke detectors and fire alarms to make sure that all emergency systems are functioning. Finally, we’ll test the emergency stop button.

In short, our first step is to make sure that the elevator is still functioning properly. Afterward, we’ll move on to our next goal.

Examining Doors and Machinery

The doors of an elevator are an important part of safety. If the doors don’t function properly, they may stay open during travel, presenting a falling hazard.

We’ll ensure that the door clearances are functioning correctly. Afterward, we’ll look into the cables and the rest of the equipment.

For example, the hoistway is a popular place for some pests to make a nest. To prevent this, we’ll check the hoistway for any rodents or other issues. If we find anything that needs attention, we can help you solve the problem.

We can also make sure there are no hindrances to the equipment and check the machinery. One example is to check the oil levels in the elevator’s machine room. If the oil isn’t properly handled, the elevator will lack the correct lubrication.

These issues are highly technical and are not something that should be handled by non-experts. Trust in the Murphy Elevator Company to handle your inspections.

Looking for Damage

Finally, we’ll ensure there’s no damage to your elevator.

Damage is often easy to see. We’ll check to make sure all cables are hidden and undamaged and that any housing or panels aren’t broken or bent.

If there’s clear damage, we can aid in repairing the issue and replacing any parts.

Assuring Elevator Safety Through Certification

Elevator safety is crucial for keeping operators and riders safe during their use of an elevator. Scheduling annual elevator safety inspection appointments can help make sure your elevator doesn’t fall out of code.

Curious to learn more about the importance of elevator safety certifications? Contact us at the Murphy Elevator Company to see how we can help you keep your elevators functioning in top condition.

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