For property owners and managers of residential and office buildings with multiple floors, one big consideration is tenant satisfaction. And a huge aspect of that is how well your elevators function.

Happy Tenants Spread the Word
Your tenants don’t want to climb the stairs to their office, apartment or condo because of a broken elevator. For tenants with limited accessibility or a disability, a non-functioning elevator can mean having no access to their property. Every property manager knows that having just one elevator down in a group can fill the elevator lobby with people. Waiting too long to get back upstairs can set off even the best tenant.

When tenants aren’t happy, they let you know. In today’s world, that can mean via social media or by posting negative reviews of your building online. All it takes is to have a potential resident do a simple search and find complaints to convince them to find a more modern, accessible building in which to live.

When to Consider Upgrading
If your building’s elevators experience frequent downtime, are too slow, or have rough or bumpy starts and stops, it may be time to consider some upgrades. By doing so, you’ll gain the love of your tenants and increase the likelihood that new prospective leaseholders will seek out your property for residence.

Modern Elevator Technology
Elevators today are far more efficient when it comes to moving people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are moving faster. Improved electronics mean that dispatching becomes more efficient. Modern elevators have microprocessors onboard that can “learn” a building’s traffic patterns and will dispatch elevators to the floors that are highest in demand during peak times.

Murphy Elevator can perform a site survey on your property, measuring the speed, efficiency and overall performance of your elevators. We can then make recommendations on repair, refurbishment or replacement of your elevators and/or components.

Our skilled, licensed technicians consider all elements that make your elevator user friendly. And we do our best to keep the safety and comfort of your tenants in mind as we do so. Schedule an inspection today.

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