Many buildings try to stand out today. Elevator interior design plays a big part in this effort. This article shows how thoughtful elevator design can make your building more inviting and stylish.

Keep reading to learn why it matters.

Key Takeaways

  • Elevator interior design boosts a building’s look and feel, making strong first impressions with materials like marble and LED lighting.
  • Durability, easy installation, personalization, and protection against damage are key benefits of thoughtful elevator interior design.
  • Different finishes and custom solutions allow buildings to match or update their style without big renovations.
  • Working with skilled architects and choosing reputable companies ensure elevator designs are both stylish and long-lasting.
  • Keeping elevators well – maintained enhances their function and appearance over time, reflecting positively on the entire building.

The Role of Elevator Interiors in Modern Buildings

Elevator Interior Design

Elevator interiors play a big part in how modern buildings look and feel. They show off the building’s unique style and make a strong first impression on visitors.

Enhances overall aesthetic

Interior designs in elevators make the space look better and more inviting. Using high-quality materials like marble, LED lighting, and sleek metal finishes can really make an elevator stand out.

This creates a unique and upscale feel for anyone riding in the cab.

These design choices also let you match your building’s style, making everything look more put together. With options like custom wall panels for the cab or stylish lobby entrances, you can create a positive first impression that lasts.

Whether going for a light blue modern look or something else entirely, there’s room to customize and bring your vision to life.

Reflects the building’s style and design

Elevator interiors do more than move people up and down. They show off a building’s unique style and character.

This attention to detail gives visitors a glimpse of what to expect in other parts of the building.

Choosing the right design for an elevator is just like picking out a suit for a special occasion – it has to match perfectly. Custom cab wall panel systems allow owners to align the elevator’s look with the overall theme of their property.

This harmony between design elements speaks volumes about a place without saying a word.

Creates a positive first impression

Elevator interiors play a crucial role in shaping first impressions. Using durable materials like brushed aluminum and ambient backlighting creates an inviting atmosphere from the moment the doors open. This elegant and high-end design signals to visitors the importance placed on precision and quality within the premises.

It’s not just about getting from one floor to another; it’s an experience.

Choosing the right designs for elevator interiors shows foresight. This attention to detail impresses not only guests but also potential tenants or buyers. First impressions matter in business, making every element, including elevators, pivotal in setting the tone for what’s ahead.

Benefits of Elevator Interior Design

Elevator interior design boosts a building’s value by making it look better and last longer. Good design can stand up to wear and tear, making elevators look new for years.


Long-lasting quality is essential in elevator interior design. Both Commercial Property Managers and Industrial Facility Owners prioritize materials that endure. Opting for hard-wearing elements like durable metal finishes and energy-efficient lighting enhances longevity.

Such selections are resilient against frequent usage, ensuring elevators maintain their appeal over time. Furthermore, customizable wall panel systems offer not only strength but flexibility, accommodating future renovations or new installations with ease.

Murphy Elevators for example offers a wide range of durable metal oxidation options. Stainless steel, cold rolled steel, and bronze options add longevity to designs. These materials resist wear and tear, ensuring interiors remain impressive over time.

This focus on durability saves money on repairs and maintains a polished image for the building.

Personalization and updates

Elevator interiors play a big role in modern buildings. They should look good and last long. One cool thing is that you can change their design to match new styles or your building’s look.

This means you can pick from many designs like oxidized bronze, polished stainless steel, and cold rolled steel finishes. These options help make each elevator unique.

Keeping your elevator looking fresh is easy too. You can update the insides without starting from scratch every time. This saves money and keeps elevators in line with the latest trends.

Durability matters as well because it protects against damage over time, making sure your investment stays looking great for longer.

Protection against damage

After discussing personalization, it’s key to note how vital protection against damage is for elevator interiors. Durable materials like marble and advanced metal finishes shield the cab from wear and tear.

This ensures the design stays fresh over time.

Elevator Interior Design Options

Elevator interior design brings a lot of choices. You can go for custom cab wall systems or choose different finishes like metal or glass to match your style.

Custom cab wall panel systems

Custom cab wall panel systems let you change your elevator’s look. These systems are perfect for new buildings or updating old elevators. They work well with architects and national lift companies to make and put in top-notch wall and ceiling finishes.

You can choose modern designs that include bright features and sleek control panels.

These panel systems are easy to install and offer a fresh look anytime. You can pick from various materials, ensuring durability and protection from wear and tear. This choice lets building owners update their elevators without big renovations, making it a smart option for keeping interiors modern.

Lobby entrance facings

Lobby entrance facings are a key part of elevator interior design. They set the tone for what visitors can expect when they ride the elevator. Good lobby entrance facings match the building’s style, making a strong first impression.

They come in many materials and designs, fitting both new builds and updates to existing ones.

Choosing the right facing involves looking at durable materials that withstand daily use while reflecting the building’s character. This decision impacts how people view your property from the moment they step inside.

Working with professional designers helps ensure these facings blend seamlessly with both the elevator interior and the broader architectural elements of your site.

Custom solutions and budget options

Many modern buildings need custom cab wall panel systems, lobby entrance facings, and unique finishes.

This tool allows for mixing materials and finishes to find a perfect match without breaking the bank.

This makes updates or changes easy and affordable in the long run. With these options, every building can have a stylish elevator interior that lasts years without needing major repairs or replacements.

Choosing the Right Elevator Interior Design

Picking the perfect elevator interior design needs a mix of your building’s style and working with skilled architects. This step makes sure your elevator not only looks good but lasts long too.

Discover more about making this choice right for your space.

Consider the building’s style and design

The style and design of a building can tell you a lot about its character. Elevator interiors should match this character to create harmony throughout the space.

These elements support the building’s unique theme, making each ride a pleasant experience.

Working closely with architects, designers, and owners ensures elevator designs fit perfectly with the overall aesthetic. This collaboration leads to personalized spaces that impress visitors from the moment they step inside.

Next up is how choosing reliable partners plays a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Collaborate with architects, designers, and building owners

Working closely with architects, designers, and building owners is crucial. This teamwork helps in crafting elevator interiors that perfectly match the building’s design.

Choosing designs for elevators means paying attention to every detail. It involves picking materials, finishes, and custom solutions that fit within budgets while aiming for top-notch quality.

By working together, architects, commercial property managers, and your commercial elevator contractor ensure each elevator interior meets high standards. These efforts make buildings more inviting and impressive for everyone who walks through their doors.

Choose a high-quality and reputable company

Picking a company with a strong history and good reputation ensures your elevator’s design lasts long and looks great. Murphy Elevator Company stands out for its dedication to top-notch services since 1932.

They are experts in working with all types of elevators, showing their flexibility and commitment to meet every client’s needs.

Trust plays a big role in choosing the right partner for your building’s elevators. With Murphy Elevator Company, you get honest service from a family-owned business that knows elevators inside out.

Their approach has earned them respect in the industry, making them an excellent choice for any commercial property manager or industrial facility owner looking for reliable elevator solutions.

Regular maintenance and updates.

Regular maintenance keeps elevator interiors looking good and working well. This means checking materials and finishes often to fix any wear or tear early. It’s also about making sure all parts comply with local codes, which can change.

Updates are key too. Modernizing old elevators can make them look better and run smoother. Working with design experts helps in choosing the right updates that match the building’s style while sticking to a budget.

Keeping up with these tasks requires planning and teamwork between property managers, designers, and owners. They must pick high-quality materials that last long but are easy to replace or update when needed.

This approach ensures elevators remain appealing and functional for users, reflecting positively on the whole building.

Next, consider how choosing the right design affects your building’s image.


Elevator interiors play a vital role in modern buildings, making spaces look better and leaving visitors with a great first impression. These designs are not just about looks but also offer long-lasting quality and easy updates.

You have many choices from custom panels to different finishes that match your building’s style. Picking the right design means working with experts and keeping the elevators well-maintained.

This small change can make a big difference, encouraging everyone to think more about how we use space creatively.


1. Why is elevator interior design important in modern buildings?

Elevator interior design enhances the building’s overall look and user experience.

2. Can good elevator design make a difference in how people feel about a building?

Yes, well-designed elevators can improve people’s perception of a building by making it seem more upscale and welcoming.

3. Does changing the interior of an elevator cost a lot?

The cost varies based on materials and design complexity, but updating an elevator can be budget-friendly with careful planning.

4. How often should the interior design of an elevator be updated?

Updating every few years keeps the elevator looking fresh and aligned with current trends.

5. What are some popular features in modern elevator designs?

Modern elevators often include durable materials, efficient lighting, and sleek panels for an improved visual appeal.

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