About this Project

Commercial, Residential
Champaign, Ill.


The University of Illinois is building new student housing to accommodate the demand for an increasing student body and demand for on campus living. These living spaces must be safe, energy efficient and allow students with disabilities to get around with ease.

Our Solution

Murphy Elevator installed 4 brand new cabled traction elevators and one hydraulic service elevator in the new Ikenberry complex. There are two car groups of cabled elevators with energy efficient drive technology. The hydraulic service elevator is a belted pump (versus a submersible pump) which is best for high traffic and heavy utilization applications. All the elevators integrate into U of I’s state of the art fire suppression and security systems to ensure safety during fire events, and to keep unauthorized persons from accessing residence halls. All four passenger elevators feature lowered secondary push buttons along the elevator’s cab walls for accessibility and ease of use and to assist with ADA compliance.

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