About this Project

Commercial, Residential
Treyton Oak Towers
Louisville, Ky.
Build Time
12 Months
Build Type
Passenger/Service Modernization


Treyton Oak Towers is a retirement community in the heart of Old Louisville. The residents of Treyton Oak Towers depend on their elevators to get around at all hours of the day. Their 3 elevators were over 35 years old and in need of updating. The biggest challenge was to minimize downtime and inconvenience during the construction project.

Our Solution

The tower contains a group of three 12 story elevators. Only one elevator is large enough to accommodate a stretcher, which is an important consideration in a 12 story building that offers 24 hour nursing care. Murphy had to efficiently complete one elevator at a time so as to only have one elevator out of service during the project. The larger elevator was completed last after the first 2 elevators were completely upgraded and running at peak efficiency. Now that this project is complete, the residents can enjoy increased reliability, better leveling into floors, a smoother quieter ride, and shorter wait times. The staff can more freely within the building, spending more time assisting residents and taking care of building operations. The owner gets the extra benefit of decreased energy usage by replacing the old motor generator sets with high efficiency variable frequency drives.

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