About this Project

Indiana University
Bloomington, Ind.
Build Time
6 Months
Build Type


Indiana University needed to expand its student housing, and erected a brand new residence hall. Due to architectural design and space requirements, the building was designed without any penthouses for elevator equipment. In addition, these elevators had to reliably serve high volume student housing, with housing for 450 students, plus classrooms and common areas.

Our Solution

Murphy Elevator installed a duplex (2 car group) of Machine Roomless elevators that serve 5 floors, and can each carry 3500 pounds. Machine Roomless elevators have the advantage of a compact design that eliminates the need for an equipment room. The elevator controller, which is the brain of the elevator, sits in an equipment closet on the top floor. The elevator machine and motor sits inside the elevator shaft, and utilizes a compact gearless design. This new construction project took 6 months, and was completed in 2013.

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