About this Project

The Frazier Museum
Louisville, Ky.
Build Time
9 Months
Build Type


The Frazier Museum needed passenger elevators and a large-capacity freight elevator in its new space downtown. The freight elevator had to stand up to daily use and move large payloads for museum exhibits while fitting in with the upscale decor of the location.

Our Solution

We installed a traction geared, five-stop passenger elevator and a traction-geared, six-stop passenger elevator that blended nicely into the museum’s design. Both of these travel at 200 fpm and each are rated to hold up to 3,000 pounds.

For the freight elevator, we placed a traction-geared, five-stop freight elevator that travels at 150 fpm and can hold up to 10,000 pounds. This elevator is a true standout, with heavy-duty, vandal-resistant buttons and two of the most attractive stainless steel doors that you will see on an industrial-sized freight elevator.

It took us nine months to build out these elevators within the new construction in 2004, and the Frazier Museum has been a maintenance customer ever since.

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