About this Project

The Embassy Suites
Louisville, Ky.
Build Time
15 Months
Build Type


The Embassy Suites project involved a modernization plan on an older building. Though parts of it hadn’t been used in 20 years, the entire building had been completely vacant for five years and had taken on extensive water damage throughout. Two older elevators did exist, but had not functioned since the 1970s.

Our Solution

This building received 5 modernized elevators and 2 brand new elevators that we build in the existing elevator shafts. We removed the two non-functioning, gearless traction elevators. Each gearless machine weighed 12,000 pounds and had to be totally dismantled prior to removal. We then reworked all the steel supports and installed the 2 new traction geared elevators.

We converted the old manual-gate freight elevator into a modern service/passenger elevator.

We modernized two traction-geared, eight-stop elevators and two more traction-geared, seven-stop elevators. The rated capacity for each of these is up to 3,000 and 4,000 pounds, respectively. All seven elevators travel at 350 fpm.

This project took 15 months total and was completed in 2015.

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