About this Project

Ball State University
Muncie, Ind.
Build Time
8 months
Build Type


The Teachers College Building needed to be renovated. Part of this upgrade included the elevators, which were suffering from reliability issues due to age. The elevator cab styling was dated. In addition, the old style elevator buttons did not meet ADA requirements and presented problems for disabled students and faculty accessing the facility. In addition, Ball State required that one of the 3 elevators be decommissioned and removed. The empty elevator shaft was to be used for new plumbing, electrical, and HVAC upgrades.

Our Solution

First, the existing elevator equipment had to be torn out and removed from the building, including a complete decommissioning and removal of elevator #1. Then, the elevators were upgraded with the latest in controller, motor, and drive technology for smart dispatching and vastly improved energy efficiency. Heavy duty buttons were utilized. The new car operating panel and emergency phone are easy to use and are placed much lower to the floor than the old style elevator button panel, ensuring access for individuals with limited mobility and for those using wheel chairs. Passing chimes and floor annunciators help passengers with visual impairment. The cab interiors were upgraded to high end textured cab panels and finishes.

This 11 story duplex elevator group took 8 months and was completed in 2013.

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