The odds of someone getting stuck in an elevator in the U.S. are remarkably low. Studies have shown that only about 1 out of every 100,000 elevator rides in this country result in people getting stuck in elevators.

But unfortunately, people do get stuck in elevators from time to time. It’s why it’s very important for every elevator to have an elevator phone installed in it. It’ll allow those who get stuck in elevators to call for help.

If you’re a commercial property manager who is in charge of overseeing elevators within a building, you should make sure each of them has a working elevator phone. You should also consider modernizing and updating elevator phones the next time you do elevator upgrades.

How could upgrading these elevator components help you and those who use your elevators? Here are several benefits of modernizing elevator phones.

Ensures Elevator Phones Work Properly

In the event that someone in your commercial building needs to use an elevator phone, you want to know that this phone is going to work. It might not if it’s on the older side.

You should run periodic tests on your elevator phones to make sure they’re working. But even if they work during testing, old elevator phones could fall into a state of disrepair over time.

By having a new elevator phone installed in each of your elevators, you’ll be able to ensure they’re always working right. People will be able to use these phones to connect to the outside world quickly if they ever get stuck.

Elevator Phone WIFI Considerations

Another significant benefit of modernizing elevator phones is the opportunity to take advantage of the latest Wi-Fi technology. With the increasing demand for internet connectivity in public spaces, elevator phones can now be integrated with Wi-Fi, enabling users to connect to the internet through their mobile devices while waiting for an elevator or if they become stuck in an elevator.

This feature is particularly useful for people who rely on the internet to communicate, work, or access vital information.

Besides improving user experience, having Wi-Fi-enabled elevators can also benefit property managers and building owners. By providing internet access to users, building owners can attract tenants who value connectivity and convenience.

Additionally, Wi-Fi-enabled elevators can be integrated into building management systems, enabling property managers to monitor elevator performance and respond to issues in real-time.

In summary, modernizing elevator phones to take advantage of Wi-Fi technology is a smart investment for building owners and property managers. It enhances the user experience, increases building value, and improves the overall management of the building’s elevators.

Guarantees Elevator Phones Connect Fast

Your elevator phones might be working at the moment. But are they connecting to the outside world fast and providing people with the quick assistance they need?

They might not be able to accomplish this goal if your elevator phones are very old. You can usher them into the 21st century by replacing each outdated POTS line you’re currently using with a more modern solution.

By doing this, you’ll guarantee people are able to get the help they need quickly if they’re ever stuck in one of your elevators. You won’t need to be concerned about them not being able to connect with those who can provide them with assistance.

Makes Elevator Phones Easier to Use

If you have an older elevator phone in each of your elevators, it may be much harder to use than it should be. It might be difficult for people to read what they’re supposed to do after picking up an elevator phone to use it.

The easiest way to get around this problem is by ripping out your old elevator phones and replacing them with new ones. New elevator phones will be more intuitive and will require less work on the part of those put in positions where they need to use them.

Picking up an elevator phone and utilizing it will be less intimidating than it would be otherwise. It’s what makes modernizing elevator phones such a great elevator modernization step.

Keeps Elevator Phones Up to Code

Did you know there are certain codes in place for elevator phones? You’ll need to see to it that every elevator phone you use is up to code.

You may face fines and other penalties if you’re caught using old elevator phones that are no longer up to code. These codes aren’t as stringent as some of the other codes in place for elevators. But even still, you’ll want to make sure your elevator phones meet them.

Improves the Appearance of Elevator Interiors

If you have old elevator phones in all your various elevators, they’ll start to take a toll on the appearance of your elevator interiors before long. These old phones will make your elevators look outdated. People might even begin to lose confidence in them because of how old they look.

The simple act of installing a new elevator phone in each of your elevators will make them look a little newer than they do now. It’ll freshen up the interiors of your elevators and automatically make people feel confident in using them again.

Encourages Other Elevator Upgrades

More often than not, you aren’t going to want to simply install a new elevator phone in each of your commercial building’s elevators. Once you’ve done this, you’ll also want to make other elevator upgrades.

For example, you might want to modernize the dispatch destination system your elevators rely on. You might also want to make other aesthetic changes to your elevators.

The more elevator upgrades you make, the better they’ll look and perform. You’ll wonder why you didn’t consider doing elevator modernization so much sooner.

Prevents Unnecessary Legal Battles

One final thing you may want to consider when it comes to your elevator phones is the legal ramifications of not upgrading them. If there is ever an accident involving one of your elevators and an old elevator phone is found partially to blame for it, it could get you into some legal trouble.

You won’t need to worry about any legal issues coming your way when you make every effort to do elevator modernization. Doing something as simple as replacing an old elevator phone that isn’t working can show that you’re committed to making your elevators as safe as they can be.

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