When buildings are remodeled over the years, elevator cabs are often overlooked. If you invest in building upgrades, you don’t want your elevator cab to feel out of place in your space. You want something that will blend into the surroundings and feel like it was meant to be there. Freight elevator can withstand years of heavy usage, and this can leave the cab looking pretty rough.

To ensure that your elevator doesn’t stand out in a bad way, you should consider its use purpose, the style of your building and budget.

Daily Use and Purpose
Some surfaces are more durable and hold up to abuse better than others. If your elevators will carry office employees in a typical office building, durability may not be as much of a concern. On the other hand, a public parking garage or a nightclub may have more “enthusiastic” passengers. For these applications, durable vandal resistant materials are appropriate. Murphy has many attractive surfaces that are also quite durable.

Murphy Elevator also has many options for durable freight and service elevator cabs. We can install non-slip heavy duty flooring and damage resistant metal panels. Our utility cabs will withstand the daily toll of heavy carts, large furniture, and equipment moving in and out of your elevator.

If you have a multi-use elevator that will be used for general traffic and for service duty, we can install hooks on the wall panels to hang removable pads that protect the elevator from damage when it’s carrying large payloads. We also have different handrail and bumper rail configurations that work best with protecting cab panels from scooters, wheelchairs and walkers.

Building Style
Whether your building is a tribute to modern technology or on the historical register, your elevators will need to capture the same look and feel. Through cab style, lighting options, wall panel finishes and handrail designs, the elements you choose for your elevator can evoke the same environment that is carried throughout your entire space so your guests have a continuous, well designed experience. 

Before you get your heart set on a custom-designed, highly stylized cab for your elevator system, budget can be a major consideration. As with anything of a completely custom design, elevator cabs can be expensive, especially with high end finishes such as bronze, mirrored stainless steel, hard wood, or stone. There are many affordable stylish prefabricated options as well.

Murphy Elevator Company has created gorgeous, useful elevators for many different styled buildings. From commercial to industrial and even residential spaces, we take all your building’s specific needs into consideration and work with you to design an elevator system that will wow users and perform its duties for years to come.

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